Becky Doughty is the voice behind BraveHeart Audiobooks, an ever-growing collection of “family-friendly” fiction and nonfiction by many different authors in many different genres. She’s a world traveler with an excellent grasp of the melody and rhythm of language. A speaker and musician, her voice has been called smooth, lyrical, and vibrant, and it lends itself well to storytelling. Her favorite books to read are Women’s Fiction and Contemporary Romance. Becky is also an author, which gives her a good understanding of story structure, form, and nuance, all of which she brings to the studio.

Becky Doughty is also an Audible-Approved Narrator on


Note: Because the term “family friendly” is rather subjective, please be aware that some of our audiobooks may include some subjective matter:

Heightened sensuality and/or violence, with some graphic details

Mild cursing, and/or heightened sensuality, and/or non-graphic violence

Themes of abuse and/or assault




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Romans 5:1-5

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