How many finished audio hours is a typical book?

One finished audio hour usually consists of approximately 9000 words. Therefore, a “standard-length” 90,000-word novel comes out to about 10 finished audio hours.

How long does it take to produce one finished audio hour? It takes approximately 5-7 hours to produce one finished audio hour. Here is a breakdown of an average finished hour:

  • Two to three hours to narrate what will become one finished audio hour.
  • Two to three hours to edit, master, and format each finished hour of recording.
  • One hour for quality control (QC) of the finished audio hour.
  • Additional time for any post production edits from the Rights Holder/Author.
  • Additional time to make complete audiobook retail ready.

How long will it take you to produce my audiobook?

We are usually booked about three to four months out, however, sometimes openings are available, so don’t hesitate to ask. Once we start production, it typically takes two weeks for us to produce 10 finished hours. Post-production edits and formatting can take another 2-3 days. Once approved by BHA and the Rights Holder, the files are sent through’s QC filters. ACX gives a range of 7-21 days for an audiobook to go live on Amazon and Audible. We’ve seen audiobooks go live in as little as 5 days, and as long as 22 days. NOTE: It can take up to 30 days longer for the audiobook to be available to purchase on iTunes.

Does you have a logo and do you require that I put it on my audiobook cover?

Yes, we have a BraveHeart Audiobook logo, and although we do not require that you put it on your cover, we do appreciate it when you do. One of the reasons we recommend it is that an audiobook with a producer logo instills confidence in a buyer. Whether you include the BHA logo on your cover or not, please do credit Becky Doughty as your narrator.


Do you create audiobook cover images?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not assist with audiobook covers. We hope to be able to offer this service again in the near future.

What kind of equipment do you use? We shop almost exclusively from for all our sound and musical equipment. Guitars, mics, cables, gear; they’re our go-to place. We get nothing but a “thank you” from PAUL ECKERT (sales rep extraordinaire!) for referring you, but we can’t say enough about this company and their service. Go ahead. Email Paul. Tell him we sent you:

  • Microphone – We use a Rode NT1-A multi-directional microphone, a pop-screen, and a shock mount on a boom stand so the mic hangs down from above. This keeps the work space clear and captures Becky’s voice well.
  • Interface – We use an AVID 3rd generation Mini interface (rather than a USB mic) for better sound quality and performance.
  • Software – Right now we’re using the free (and fantastic!) Audacity software for recording, editing, mastering and formatting my audio files, and we love it. Very simple, straight-forward, flexible. Can’t say enough about it and we highly recommend it. But we’re slowly working into using the Pro-Tools that came with our interface – another fantastic recording software that simply offers more versatility for future projects for us.
  • Computer – We have a DEDICATED inexpensive HP tower situated on a desk outside the booth so the mic doesn’t pick up the fan hum.
  • Headphones – Becky uses a pair of Samson SR850 headphones that she loves. “They don’t crimp my ears and they’re very sound-sensitive. They do flatten my hair – I’m watching for headphone-pattern-baldness.” Becky also uses her Apple earbuds for playback. “It’s a good representation of how my listeners will hear our audiobooks.”

How do you choose which books you’ll narrate and produce?

We do our best to read a full manuscript before contracting to produce an audiobook. This is for several reasons, but the two most important ones are as follows:

  • We call our audiobooks “family friendly.” This does not mean we won’t read about sex or narrate a curse word now and then, nor does it mean that all the books we narrate are from a Christian worldview. However, we are Christians, and we feel very strongly that we can’t put our voices to a book that clearly contradicts our beliefs. Interestingly, we’ve turned down “Christian” books that contradicted our beliefs, and we’re pretty liberal, when all is said and done.
  • We must actually enjoy the story and believe in the characters enough to be able to “become” them and live out their stories with them.

The other influencing factor is our schedule. We try not to book our calendar out more than 4 months (approximately 6-8 books) at a time.  Not only do we need to make sure we have a little room to flex in case a book takes more or less time than planned, but we also feel it’s not good business to make an author who is ready wait when we know there are many wonderful narrators out there from whom to choose! If an author wants to wait for us, we’re honored, but we make sure they understand up front what our schedules are.

How much do you charge to narrate and produce an audiobook?

We do offer a limited number of Shared Royalty Contracts each year through ACX, but we now do most of our audiobooks on a Per Finished Hour rate. For a complete explanation of how and what we charge, please visit our Services and Rates page.

I’m an Author/Rights Holder and I’d like to convert my book into an audiobook. How do I list my book on ACX? Here is a link to ACX’s “How it Works” page where you can learn how to get your book listed and optioned for audiobook production.


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